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Solid/Opaque Epoxy Pigments

Solid/Opaque Epoxy Pigments

These sturdy, long-lasting and vivid colours are sure to add some colour to any space. They do not fade and are 100% compatible with art epoxy resin. These pigments are of superior quality, stable pigment concentrates formulated with a high loading of dry organic/inorganic pigment powders in a specific resin base. A little goes a long way with our pigments. So use a tiny amount and keep building till you achieve your perfect coverage. Please note, these pigments do not air dry and hence, have a long shelf life. They need to be mixed with epoxy resin and the relevant hardener in order to dry. Since these are oil-based pigments, they may separate from the colours in the container, but this is totally normal- just give it a stir and you’re good to go!

Tips for usage:

  • Use a tiny amount of pigment paste with resin and hardener and stir like you mean it
  • These colours can be combined with other pigment colours to create a new and special colour of your choice.
  • Use these colours sparingly – a little bit of pigment goes a long way. Use only about 0.5% to 1% of the colour to your resin used. For instance, if you have used 50g of Resin, add 0.25g to 50g of pigment. Maximum usage should not be more than 5%
  • These pigments do not air dry, so use with an appropriate resin and hardener 
  • They will not work with acrylic systems or water-based systems


Point to note: 


Each colour has a different density and viscosity. So some colours may look as if there is a lesser quantity or may appear dried up. But this is not the case. We hand fill each and every container carefully and ensure that the weight mentioned on the label is the quantity in the container. The pigment does not air dry, so give it a stir and it's ready to use!


Safety matters:


  • Our pigments are non-toxic however, they should not be ingested and must be kept out of the reach of children
  • Wear gloves while working with resin
  • Resin and pigments do not emit any fumes by themselves, but if you are using heat then you must be careful as this could burn the resin and only then will there be any fumes emitted


Find moulds for resin HERE


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