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For over a decade, we have been a leading provider of color pigments and other supplies for the fiberglass industry. In 2020, we decided to expand our offerings and provide creative individuals with the tools they need to create stunning epoxy and concrete art. Our catalog is constantly growing and improving, and we are always happy to accommodate custom orders.


With our exceptional customer service and wide selection of high-quality supplies, we are your go-to source for all your resin and concrete art needs. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests - we are here to help you bring your artistic vision to life.

FAQ on Concrete ART 


  • Use 2:1 Resin for Geode and Top Coats
    -6-24 hour drying time

  • Use 3:1 Resin for Coastings & River Tables
    -18-24 hour drying time

  • Use pigments that have "Epoxy" written next to its title.



  • Use Art Concrete for larger projects. This is a heavier material and based on concrete. Larger planters, trays, etc It sets in 12-24 hours

  • Use Quikast for smaller projects. It is lightweight and sets in 30-45 minutes. Coasters, clocks, small planters, etc

  • Use "Pigments for Quikast & Art Concrete"


  • Use pigments with "Epoxy" written next to its title only for epoxy resin - these include:
    - Solid/ Opaque 
    - Metallic
    - Translucent

  • Use pigments for Quikast & Art Concrete for Quickast & Art Concrete only

  • These pigments cannot be interchanged with other bases (Concrete, Epoxy, etc)

  • These pigments will not air dry


  • All our orders are considered as "confirmed" after payment has been made

  • All orders are couriered to your respective address

  • Shipping is chargeable

  • COD is available- contact us for further details

  • Usually shipped between 1-3 days from order confirmation 

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