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Concrete Pigments [Jesmonite, Cement, Acrylic Resin]

Concrete Pigments [Jesmonite, Cement, Acrylic Resin]

This collection of pigments is specially developed for concrete, acrylic resin or Jesmonite. It is also compatible with other water-based casting systems and terrazzo materials.  Add a few drops of the liquid pigment into your concrete+additive+water mixture, stir well and set it in a mould or create your own terrazzo chips. Add more pigment if you want a darker shade. 

  • Mix a small quantity with concrete or jesmonite
  • Enables excellent homogeneous colouring

  • Can be used for decor and/or construction

  • A liquid pigment that incorporates into the concrete mix is quick and easy

  • Some colours are thick and some are the consistency of water 

  • These pigments being internal to concrete do not wear out

  • Compatible with jesmonite

  • Recommended use is for indoor purposes - preferably not exposed to direct harsh sunlight


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Note: Each colour has a different density and viscosity. So some colours may look as if there is a lesser quantity or may appear dried up. But this is not the case. We hand fill each and every container carefully and ensure that the weight mentioned on the label is the quantity in the container. Seal the lid of the pigment container after use.

  • Some colours might be thicker than others
  • Some colours are very viscous, with consistency comparable to water
  • Some colours are much stronger/pigmented than others
  • Colours such as Aqua and Lilac are very thin and are light colours in general


Important: These pigments cannot be mixed with resin and pigments for resin cannot be mixed with cement. 


Safety matters: Our pigments are non-toxic however, they should not be ingested and must be kept out of the reach of children. Wear gloves while working. Washes away with soap and water, non-sticky substance.


  • Thickness of colours & storage


    The thickness of each colour varies from the other. Some colours such as Aqua and Lilac are very thin, colours like green are slightly thicker. This is due to the nature of the material and is meant to be like this. 

    It is advisable to keep the inner and outer cap on to store as the colour could dry up if it comes into constant contact with air.

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